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Date: 2022-03-02
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Author: Boyu

1. What material you suggest for cavity?

We provide all kinds of materials for choose, Such as: S136H, S2316H, AL7075 etc.

We also accept special materials orders based on special requirements!


2.What about the moulds lead times?


Normally, the First time to trial mould is within 45 days after confirm product and mold drawing from buyer. We need around 5 working days to inspest and packing mould for shipment after buyer approve samples.


3.What about the guarantee?


The guarantee time is one year after the blowing mould normally works in the Buyer’s factory and 2,000,000 shots for aluminium moulds and 3,000,000 shots for steel moulds.

Besides, we are continue to provide technical support for free, and replacement of accessories for charge after warranty period!

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